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Leadership Training to Improve your Corporate Culture

Company leaders who know how and why to put health, wellness, and safety at the top of their priority lists run some of the fastest growing companies in the country because the company culture puts employees first. Whether you have one employee or 100,000, knowing how to build a business based on what naturally motivates your employees to be engaged and productive is key to company growth.

Carol Phillips is a Corporate Culture Strategist who will analyze your company culture, identify critical strengths and costly weaknesses, and ensure the proper systems are in place. As a result, your company culture will increase employee engagement to an exciting new level! Learn More.

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Hello! Welcome to Your New DIY Health Coaching Guidebook!

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Are you TIRED of trying to live a healthy lifestyle? Are you ready to learn how to enjoy life while practicing wellness?

Coach Carol’s new Do-It-Yourself Health Coaching Guidebook is here to help you and is now available for pre-order!

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Employee Wellness Presentations to Inspire Self-Care

Are your employees ready to have FUN while learning more about prioritizing their health and wellness? Focusing on the important topic of self-care shouldn’t be a boring event, where employees feel scolded for not living up to an unrealistic standard. Health Design believes wellness initiatives should be fun and welcoming, while learning a little more about how to live a healthy lifestyle! Learn More.

Group Wellness Coaching

Humans are social beings with a longing for family, whether it’s their home family or their work family. This is why group leadership coaching and group health coaching resonates with business leaders and employees. Moreover, productive, supportive, and casual conversations help everyone learn and grow! Contact Us to Book Your Session.

Safety Training: Emergency Preparedness

Does your company prioritize risk management? Safety training reduces workers’ compensation claims and risk of liability! Knowing what to do and how to work effectively as a team, can mean the difference between saving lives and losing valuable employees. Safety first! HEALTH DESIGN will help you implement a highly effective Emergency Preparedness Team! Learn More.

Safety Training: CPR/AED, First Aid, & Bloodborne Pathogens

Health Design offers a range of American Heart Association onsite certification courses to keep your staff trained and ready for any medical emergency. Knowing what to do can not only save lives, but can reduce your workers’ compensation claims and related costs. Learn More.

Safety Training: Active Shooter Training

Health Design is a certified FEMA Emergency Management Institute provider for Active Shooter Training. What is more important than being prepared for one of these types of emergencies? In addition, employees feel safer 24/7! Contact Us To Book Your Training.

Keynote for Your Next Great Event

Carol Phillips

Carol Phillips (Coach Carol) is a nationally sought-after Keynote Speaker and the Award-Winning Author of 52 Simple Ways to Health. Want to make your next event memorable and valuable for your attendees? Contact Carol to set up your first great meeting to get the ball rolling!

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