Are your employees ready to have FUN while learning more about prioritizing their health?

Focusing on health and wellness shouldn’t be a boring event where employees feel scolded for not living up to an unrealistic standard. Health Design believes wellness initiatives should be fun and welcoming, while learning a little more about how to live a healthy lifestyle!

Here are just a few of our Seminars:

Make Health Easy: Fall in Love with Taking Care of YOU
Stress Management: Opt Out of Stressing Out
Ergonomics: Aligning You for Injury Prevention
Back Safety: Help My Aching Back
Find Your Happy Bubble: Happiness is a Healthy Choice
Smoke Cessation: Successful Strategies to Kick the Habit
Getting Your Zzzz’s: The Importance of Sleep

CONTACT US for a full list of topics. Customized topics and virtual sessions also available.

Employees love benefits that help them improve their overall health and wellness. Employers benefit from employees who are healthier and more productive.

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